Donations + Pricing

Can I control how much I donate?
You bet. Feel free to set a limit on donations or pause your roundups at anytime.
What are your processing fees?
We charge the same rates as our payment processor at 2.9% and 30 cents. You can view their pricing here.
OK, but how much of my donation goes to charity?
We group roundups between $5 and $10 before charging your account, meaning our fees are similar to if you made a donation of $5 or $10 using your credit card.
That's awesome, but what if I want 100% of my donations to go to charity?
You can opt to cover payment processing fees by adding 2.9% + 30 cents to each donation. That will ensure 100% of your roundups go to charity.
Are my donations tax deductible?
Drops provides donation receipts at the end of each month. Legally, we must ask that you check with your tax attorney to ensure deductibility.
When is my account charged?
Roundups are grouped into batches between $5 and $10, then charged to your account. This ensures your bank statement is not bombarded with Drops transactions.


Is my data secure?
We entrust well-known third parties to store and secure all sensitive data. Tokenized requests are made to these providers using 256bit SSL Encryption. Bank logins and account + routing numbers are never stored on our server.
What is your privacy policy?
We have never and will never rent, sell, or give your personal data to anyone at anytime. You can learn more about our policy here.
Why am I asked to login to my bank?
By logging into your bank, Drops is able to link to your credit/debit cards and monitor for roundups. Your bank login information is never stored -- it simply gives us permission to connect with your cards.


How many banks work with Drops?
We support over 9,000 financial isntitutions across the United States.
Which charities are supported on Drops?
We're currently focused on LA partnerships, but will be expanding to more non-profits in the coming months. Checkout our charities page to learn about partnering with Drops.
Is Drops available as an iOS or Android app?
Almost! We have an iOS app and Android app in progress.
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